Simon Allen

On Stage: Drums, banter, big hair, sweat, cold Corona

Off Stage: microlabel manager, photographer, bad piano player, ranting anti-theist, nagging parent, MAMIL, mid-level Twitter twit (@logicbuster, @newmastersounds), resentful Apple slave, Scrabble apostate (logicbuster on Words With Friends)

Drum Gear (as of Sept 2015):

Cymbals: 13” UFIP hi-hats; Paiste 22” vintage ride, Paiste Giant Beats 20” crash/ride; Zildjian 16” medium crash

Ludwig Shells: Supraphonic 14” x 5” snare, 22” silver sparkle kick drum, 13 rack tom (mounted on the kick drum), 16” floor tom (on the floor on legs, by crikey!)

Evans Heads: coated heads on the toms and snare drum, clear head on kick drum.*

Pro-Mark Sticks: 5A Hickory wood-tip*

*courtesy of D’Addario

Born: Warwickshire, England

Brief Musical History: 1987 - had a Saturday job at Discovery Records in Leamington Spa. Acquired rudimentary grasp of drums (but not drum rudiments) by tapping on the counter along to music. Moved to Leeds aged 18, played in a blues band and several unsuccessful acid jazz and soul bands in the early nineties. Connected with Eddie Roberts in 1997.

Feed Me: toast and Marmite

Hot Beverage Preference: Proper tea with milk and one sugar, please. But only if it’s piping hot. (favourite tea joke: why did Karl Marx only ever drink herbal tea? a: because all proper tea is theft.) Is there anything more counter-intuitive than, when ordering in USA, having to specify: ‘“black” tea please, but leave some room for the milk’? And why on Earth would you present me with a cup of warm water and a tea bag in a little packet on the side? By then it’s already too late! (Of course, I won’t make a fuss since I’m British.)

Cold Beverage Preference: gin and tonic with ice and a slice of lime

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Pet Hates (HEAR ME RANT):

  1. Having to dodge dog shit on the sidewalk when walking my kids to school. This enrages me and always inspires insane vigilante fantasies, which, if actually carried out, would land me in prison or a secure mental facility. Which I resent.
  2. American ‘online’ banking (an ‘online’ payment electronically generates an actual physical cheque (“check”) which gets posted (“mailed”) to the recipient’s home. Recipient then drives to bank and queues (“lines”) up to hand it to a cashier (“teller”). Hello?
  3. Homophobia, especially the kind that claims to be religiously-motivated, which is just downright dishonest.
  4. Magical thinking (religion & other superstitious claptrap like astrology, homeopathy and crystal healing)



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 ...a self-prescribed dose of Therapy has the band getting back to their feet, and will get you on yours, too.” (

 Therapy provides explorations into soul-lifting jazz, enduring funk and some of the best instrumental trance heard in ages.” (Relix Magazine)

 What they present here is quite simply the best album of its type so far this year and I doubt if it will be equalled” (New Untouchables)